Features of PACE Call Centre

  • Use basic computer technology to process enterprise and customer data in a call centre environment .
  • Use Specific enterprise systems to satisfy customer reuirements .
  • Provide quality customer service .
  • Provide Support and Assistance to customers on matters relating to particular products / service.
  • An exclusive work area to suit the workings of a call centre , fully air-conditioned premises, work cubicles and bright interiors .
  • Each workstation comprises of a Pentium based, Dialer enabled computer system.
  • Use Telecommunications technology with Digital PRI phonelines in receiving incoming and making outgoing calls in the call centre environment .
  • Cisco devices are used for securing the network .
  • Customized SQL Based collection software, developed in-house for effective collection activity.
  • All branches have Online Connectivity and have state-of-art communications facilities. This facilitates speedy transfer of information .