In an ever-emerging market scenario where different types of Products / Services are being peddled, the role of a Call Centre with a Country wide/ Intra-city network assumes importance both in terms of accuracy and timeliness of services rendered. With more and more specialized Market Intermediaries being recognized for their Value added services, it is the constant Innovation & Diversification, which makes us stand out from the others. We started operations on 1st January, 1992 rendering services to companies mobilizing funds from the Primary Market.

From this very humble beginning, we have today diversified into various activities such as Inbound / Outbound Call Centers, Offering allied services to Banks, Credit Card Companies, Cellular / Basic Phone Service Operators, Custodians & Operating Investor relation centers etc.
In today’s fast developing markets, the role of a Company like ours is fast changing. We provide a VITAL LINK between the Service Provider and the Customer.
This phenomenal growth in the use of the telephone promises the consumer increased efficiency and speed of response. Call centers have been hailed as the key to greater productivity, reduced telephone costs, superior customer service, efficient mass call handling, increased sales and innovative marketing .


Exclusive Infrastructure / Teams provided client wise. teams comprise of Trained and motivated Managers, supervisors, Team Leaders, Tele-Executives, Field executives & Systems Executives. Solving of Customer Queries / Billing Disputes are given top priority before any collection activity is carried out.
" CUSTOMER CARE" oriented Collection activity is given utmost importance. “COLLECTION & RETENTION” is the motto of all PACE Executives.