We offer you a career. Because at PACE , it's 'you' who are the foundation of the company's success.
Small wonder then, that here, the focus is on your professional and career needs and on building a long-term
working relationship with 'you'.

So, if you are young, dynamic, career oriented, motivated and are looking for challenges plus the fun and
excitement that comes along with all this, then PACE should be your destination.


 Current Openings

  •    Telecallers : (Job Code-TC)
  •    Team Leaders: (Job Code-TL)
  •    Assistant Manager: (Job Code-AM)
  •    Manager: (Job Code-MNG)
  •    Systems Support: (Job Code-SS)
  •    Database Administrator:(Job Code-DBA)

                   # For all above positions please mail your resume to careers@pacesetters.co.in mentioning
                       the Job Code in the subject line